Our Approach


People often ask us - what is your approach to understanding the enterprise learning and talent management marketplace? How do you differ from other industry analysts? How do you maintain your neutrality when working with technology vendors, consultants, and content providers?

First and foremost, we serve the process based best practices whether they are corporate training, software development, Resource Ramping etc. Our #1 goal is to provide research-based, actionable information to the client. To fulfill that goal, we have developed a methodology which keeps us abreast of best-practices, key new technologies, industry events, and market dynamics.

Research, Insights and Results

Our goal is to help you get results: improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your corporate learning and HR processes. We stay close to current trends and issues and make sure that our research is practical and useful to solve the program and organizational problems you face.

We believe that the e-learning and talent management markets are still in their infancy and will continue to change. As new technologies appear, people find new ways to apply them to training and learning. After being in the market for many years we have learned that only by studying applications of learning and talent management can we fully understand best practices.

Relationships with Vendors and Suppliers

We regularly meet with most providers of technology, tools, content, and services. We consider vendors a valuable source of industry insights and research. Although we may perform custom research for vendors and provide vendor services, we have no reseller or referral relationship with any vendors. We do not "recommend" vendors without research-based factual information and case studies to back up our recommendations. Value to Clients

One of our goals is client value. Our commitment to our clients is that for every dollar they spend with us, they should see at least $10 return in higher impact, lower cost, or faster answers to their problem. To deliver this value, we constantly strive to identify the insights, lessons learned, and best practices which clients can put to use immediately. Hundreds of world-leading organizations have joined our membership program - we welcome you to join us!