IT Service Management


Great visibility & control over processes & infrastructure, make adapting to a changing market easier for organizations. IBM Integrated Service Management solutions help organizations leverage pre-configured solutions. With extensive experience and expertise in planning & implementation, United ITC consulting team solutions that are designed to provide end-to-end service lifecycle management, addressing every organization's unique business needs.

Client Challenges

Some key challenges faced by organizations include:

  • Lowering cost of ownership, while increasing ROI from assets
  • Improving process reliability and, therefore, productivity.
  • Attaining greater visibility to facilitate better & quicker decision making.
  • Keeping up with a constantly changing regulatory & licensing environment.
  • Risk mitigation and reduction in cost of ownership of existing assets.

What United ITC Provides

As an IBM business partner, United ITC Integrated Service Management team helps organizations with:

  • Consulting services for gap analysis and review of existing IT infrastructure for ITIL adherence and IT Asset Management.
  • Implementation services of TSRM, TAMIT,TADDM & CCMDB.
  • Integration of existing IT systems and processes with business goals.
  • 24 x 7 support for managed services.
  • Comprehensive assessment, design, implementation, upgrades and maintenance of IT assets.
  • RFP Creation.
  • Proposal preparations.
  • Trainings and enablement's.

Business Value

United ITC capabilities, coupled with our consultative approach to Integrated Service Management, enable organizations to enhance their business value in numerous ways, such as:

  • Consultative approach enhancement of performance.
  • Re-alignment of IT services & processes to business objectives.
  • Re-configuration of IT services to enhance performance and induce adaptability for future market conditions.
  • Improved adherence to immediate and future regulatory requirements.
  • Lowered cost of ownership & implementation time due to Rapid deployment through the use of customization of pre-configured solutions.